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Protect your skin with the power of "viscous vegetables!"
@cosme nippon debuts a new face mask
for sensitive skin on March 15th, 2019

iMakers Inc.

The @cosme nippon project operated by iMakers Inc. aims to rediscover the beauty of Japan and deliver astonishing Japanese cosmetics to the world. Following on from the popular "konsai" (root vegetable) series, we are bringing two new types of face masks for sensitive skin to the market; they harness the protective power of "nebaneba yasai" (viscous vegetables), an important part of Japanese eating culture.


Created for the voices "I want a sheet mask which I can use everyday on my sensitive skin with peace of mind"

Sudden discomfort and reoccurring dryness. A woman's skin constantly changes with the environment and her lifestyle. Sensitive skin can become an issue for anyone at anytime. Comments on @cosme increasingly contain terms such as "sensitive skin," "discomfort," and "low-irritation," reflecting an increase in women who are feeling the changes in their skin. As we are heading into seasons where our skin becomes more sensitive to stimuli such as hay fever, we decided to provide a face mask which can be used with peace of mind even with sensitive skin.

Incredibly viscous--Japan's "guardian vegetables"

We focused on viscous vegetables including okra and nameko mushrooms. These viscous vegetables are said to be sticky to protect themselves, and their seeds, from external stimuli and dryness. They are "guardian vegetables," so to speak, with functions that work the same way mucus does in humans.


Discovering Kagoshima's Ibusuki Okra and Yamagata's Shonai Nameko

As foods for beautiful skin, okra and nameko are indispensable to the Japanese diet. It has been discovered that they also have great potential for their action on skin. We have made this new product working with the local producers and region and by carefully extracting and combining the components for beautiful skin. It will lead you to moist, natural beautiful skin guarded from external stimuli.


Product lineup

Viscous Vegetables Face Mask (Ibusuki Okra/Shonai Nameko)
10 sheets each / 160 ml / ¥980 (tax excluded)

■Ibusuki Okra... Smooth, moist type which guards against pimply, dry, and itchy skin.
■Shonai Nameko... Super moist type which guards against tingling, dry, and rough skin.

A sticky, gooey serum that permeates deep into the skin* giving firm protection. It leaves your skin feeling incredibly moist, with no stickiness. You can choose from two types depending on the texture and condition of your skin.
*To the outermost layer of the skin


Product features

1. Sticky, moist, protection. An additive free formula.

Seven formulas in consideration of sensitive skin. Kept additive-free as much as possible.


2. Made in Japan. Unbleached pure cotton mask.

Uses unbleached cotton carefully woven using "Urunaki Water," designated as one of Japan's 100 Remarkable Waters, from Saijo City in Ehime Prefecture. We aimed for it to feel soft on the skin, and for stress-free comfort.


3. An everyday protective mask applied in just 5 minutes.

Quick and easy care for your busy lifestyle. It is designed to permeate the skin in 5 minutes, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

Sales begin on March 15th, 2019 domestically and internationally in @cosme store (cosmetics select shop), @cosme shopping (cosmetics shopping site), variety shop, and more.