This is the age of the "I" consumer – consumers who choose products that they can trust to reflect their values and needs.
We, as consumers and makers ourselves, want to see the values and needs of each consumer reflected in our products.
We want to represent the consumer while making products that we believe in.
We put our hearts into making you say "I believe in this product."
We want to be <i × Makers = iMakers>.


@cosme nippon Sets Sail
Bringing Japanese beauty to the world.

Japan may be a small island, but its diverse seasonal climates and natural gifts give it an uncommonly rich variety of beauty. Just take a look at each region of Japan and you can see the rich, vibrant culture passed down through the ages.

Unfortunately, the desire for wealth and the stress of city life have caused many of us to lose sight of the natural gifts the land has to offer.
But the times are changing. We are changing.
However, consumers around the world are becoming increasingly conscious of the unique cultural qualities of Japan's various regions.
They are discovering the history, practices, artistic values, and integrity that are native to Japanese culture.

Still, we live in a world where money talks. We are surrounded by products and services that only offer more of the same, all based on mass-production and over-consumption.
Thankfully, the times are changing. We are changing.
Consumers in developed countries are now turning to a minimalist kind of lifestyle. Less is now more.
When consumers make purchases now, they do not simply want low prices at the expense of someone or something else. The right product is one that reflects the consumer's values. This trend will continue, as people begin to seek a different kind of value than price or convenience. We are entering an age where the creator is valued, where community and environment are deeply held values.

The world, Japan, and next door.
Each region of Japan is home to a unique ecosystem of nature, living tradition, art, and culture, all developed over hundreds of years.
As we approach our new future, our values will have to evolve as we find new ways to reach out each other.
All eyes will be on us, both in Japan and abroad, as we forge a path.

What will be the new currency in a post-consumer world?
The right product may be one that reflects Japan's rich natural resources, technology, integrity, and unique culture.
We are proud of Japan, and we cannot wait to share its potential with the world.
Join us on our journey to find hidden gems from Japan's less-known regions, as we bring these products to the 21st century consumer.

Welcome to "@cosme nippon."

iMakers inc.
Chief Executive Officer
Hajime Endo


Company Name
iMakers Inc.
Tokyo Minato Ward Akasaka 1-12-32 Ark Mori Building 34 Floor
July 1, 2016
Capital Funds
50 million yen
Chief Executive Officer Hajime Endo
Business Outline
Planning, producing, and selling Japanese beauty/lifestyle brands.
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